We envision a San Francisco where the vibrancy and diversity of each neighborhood is celebrated and residents of all backgrounds are healthy and safe, with equal access to economic and social opportunities and creative fulfillment.

At the core of this vision are neighborhood centers addressing economic and social issues with local solutions; developing and strengthening community capacity; and building strong, healthy, safe and equitable neighborhoods.


SFNCT strengthens and supports San Francisco’s neighborhood centers and the people who work in them. We fulfill our mission through capacity building and network building that achieves tangible results and benefits for our members and the people they serve.

We support our members through:

  • Peer education and support
  • Consultation, training, and coaching
  • Information and resource sharing
  • Facilitation of shared “back-office” services
  • Joint advocacy and resource development for SFNCT initiatives
  • Ongoing dialogue and collaboration between SFNCT members, funders and stakeholders
  • Advocacy for the Neighborhood Center model and the Neighborhood Centers

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