SFNCT came together in 2001 through the initiative and support of the San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Community Development, which is now the Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development. SFNCT believes in a neighborhood-based, multi-service approach to improving the lives of City residents and the neighborhoods in which they live. Our members serve 30,000 people annually through programs, services, classes, and community events, and tens of thousands of people annually through arts and cultural events, health fairs, community forums and other events. Neighborhood centers are multicultural, multigenerational, place-based organizations where everyone is welcome. They provide a safe space for dialogue and debate so people can come together to solve issues impacting their community. Our members own or control their facilities, giving them permanence and deep roots in their neighborhoods. Leaders of the City’s neighborhood centers have been collaborating, sharing services, and building agency, individual and community capacity together since our founding as a network. Neighborhood centers identify and reinforce the strengths of individuals, families and communities, and creatively and effectively address critical community needs in San Francisco‚Äôs diverse neighborhoods.

SFNCT leaders work together to:

  • advocate for the neighborhood center model as an effective solution for addressing social and economic issues
  • build and strengthen connections between members
  • increase dialogue between the neighborhood centers and City officials
  • design and implement collaborative projects
  • share information, resources, and “back-office” services
  • provide leadership development training to neighborhood center leaders
  • facilitate successful leadership transitions
  • communicate the value, impact, and accomplishments of the neighborhood centers to funders, stakeholders, and City officials

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